Hey all.


Nothing new for this month so apart from reminding you that if you want to make a quick 30$ all you have to do is to drop us an good unique article (you can get more information on our Make Money Writing Articles Page). I will move on to the stats.


Here are March’s Stats:

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p>Hey all.


This weekend I typed Dev102 on google just to see what I will get and guess what? We have joind the big league :) We have site links!! This is what you get when you type Dev102 in Google:

Dev102 Site Links


Now all we have to do is get the links to point to the interesting stuff.

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Hey all


Nothing interesting happened this month, Except the fact that we are very busy and have almost no time to write. We are hoping to change that.


We remind you that if you want to make a quick 30$ all you have to do is to drop us an good article, you can get more information on our Make Money Writing Articles Page


Here are Januarys Stats:

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Hey all


One year has passed!!! And we are still here!!! We started back there in January 13th with 6 visits and went on to have over 1000 visits daily, From 0 RSS readers to around 900 From 0 posts to close to 200, from 0 comments to over 1800.


Indeed it was a great year, and we are looking forward to the next one!


Thanks to everyone who read, commented, and participated.


Here are the stats for 2008:

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Happy Birthday!!!!!


Today is our one year anniversary! Yes! Dev102 is one year old! Thanks everyone for reading and commenting!



A reminder: we would love it if you followed us! So come on,

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Guest Posting

We would like to remind you that if you want to earn quick 30$ just drop a good post in our mailbox and that’s it! We will gladly discuss articles topics in advance, read more about it on our Guest Posting Page We would also like to help all you guys who are developing free tools by giving you the option to write guest post about it here on Dev102. So If you have a FREE tool you are working on, and you would like to give it some publicity, come and talk to us.

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increase page views This one is for all you bloggers or all you who intend to open a blog. If you have read Dev102 you probably saw that a couple of months back a lot of theme tweaks, moving stuff from here to there. I promised back then that I will tell you why we did that, so here goes.

We wanted to increase our number of page views. Back then we had about 1.20 page views per visit and we wanted to try and make that number grow. The changes to our theme were all test to see what will make people (you) stay and continue reading more posts and articles. We tried a lot of things but they were mainly two ways we tried to increase our page views, so here they come with their results.

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Last evening we have experienced our first ever crash due to traffic, it was quite annoying, but I guess it is a good sign :). Our current hosting program supports 150 concurrent users (shared hosting). The article that caused the trouble was When a Company Logo Doesn’t Come Out So Good. We are using a WordPress plugin to track online activity in the site called Wassup, which we recommend and here is the traffic graph of just before the crash:


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