Blog Stats Hey all

September is over and here we are again! 1st Anniversary

Soon we will have our 1st anniversary! Yes , we are 1 year old! was launched on December 7th, we are still thinking about how to celebrate it, if anyone of you thinks of something we are listening.



We have just set up a Twitter account and we would love it if you followed us! So come on,

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Blog Stats Hi

August is over and so is my great vacation. The number of posts should pick up in the following weeks. Other than that, no exciting news to deliver.


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charts May is gone and now is the time to check out the stats. I am so happy to see that we have managed to make all parameters grow substantially, although i must say it is getting harder and harder.

We have tweaked our theme several times this month due too some test we were running, the conclusion of those test will be published in the following week.

Just before the stats we would like to announce that from now on we will be accepting guest posts.

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April is gone and we are definitely on the go!

During April we have hit the 50 posts mile stone and the traffic has increased substantially. We would like to thank all our readers and hope for a better month in May, without further due, here are the stats (again, last months numbers are in brackets):

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