I was working on a Silverlight Application lately and I was in the need to open up a Popup window. and I am not talking about the regular .NET Message box. Naturally I Created a Page with some controls created a new instance of it but Saddly there was no Page.Show() method :( .


I know you can use the Popup Control to do a similar job (although I am not sure about the fade in and out) but I just played around and I liked what came out of it, so here is my solution to this problem.


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Here is something I picked up while wandering the web

This one is for all you Gamers and Quake lovers. It seems that a guy named has ported the Quake engine into Silverlight!!!

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Hi all


This one is for all those times you needed your Regular Expression Tool but you were using someone else’s computer or whatever and did not have it installed. Now you have this little online Silverlight Tool to help you with your regular expressions.


To use this tool do the following:

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SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is an open W3C standard for graphics file format and Web development language based on XML. Those image are made up of lines, curves and other “smooth” elements so when you zoom in on a SVG it stays smooth (unlike GIF, JPEG, PNG). 

Imagine you can draw some of your user interface elements in a vector drawing application like: Adobe,   InkScape (free) or Skencil (free) and convert your work into WPF XAML or Silverlight XAML. ViewerSVG  (SVG to xaml converter) is your tool.


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Great News!!! On the occasion of MIX’08, Microsoft has made available for us developers community two of the most highly anticipated previews of the moment. First we have┬áthe preview of the second frame model-view-controller currently under development by Microsoft for the deployment of Web applications written in ASP.NET 3.5. Second the first beta release of […]

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