Hey all, Check out the top right corner of your screen! Dev102 has hit 1000 RSS readers!!! Thank you all for reading The Dev102 team.

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Hey all


Nothing interesting happened this month, Except the fact that we are very busy and have almost no time to write. We are hoping to change that.


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Here are Januarys Stats:

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Hey all


One year has passed!!! And we are still here!!! We started back there in January 13th with 6 visits and went on to have over 1000 visits daily, From 0 RSS readers to around 900 From 0 posts to close to 200, from 0 comments to over 1800.


Indeed it was a great year, and we are looking forward to the next one!


Thanks to everyone who read, commented, and participated.


Here are the stats for 2008:

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Another month is over and once again we received some massive traffic from stumble upon. I have decided to change the structure of the stats as the old one was a bit boring in my opinion so from now on I will present the stats a little bit different than usual.   Guest Posting This […]

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Hi all

July is over and it is time for the stats.

Exciting news! We got accepted to DMOZ! which is great. It seems that bugging them all those months finally paid out :)


Blogging Idol Content

As expected the numbers are lower than last month’s (no more 20k visits a day…) but still show progress. On the other hand Our efforts In the blogging Idol have taken us to  almost 600 RSS subscribers! So thanks to everyone who subscribed!


Writing Payout Increased

As promised, We have raised our offer for article writing, we will now pay 30$ for a well written, 500+ words article. Find out more on our Make money with Dev102 page.


Dev102 Link Directory

We have also Proud to announce the opening of the Dev102 Link Directory. If you have a blog or a WebSite and you want to swap links with us feel free to add you link there. If you can find a category that fits your WebSite contact us. We will not instantly approve all blogs, but if your blog is updated frequently and is not spam you will definitely get in.

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Another month has come to an end and an interesting month it was!

The high light of the month was getting one of our articles on the front page of stumbleupon which drove almost 30000 visitors to dev102!!! That article was not a programming article but in fact a humorous one about company logos. That definitely gave a boost to our Page Views and Visits Stats but damaged the Page Views/Visits, Bounce Rate and Time on page. During that time dev102 crashed several times so we decided to install the WP-SuperCache plugin which removes allot of load from the server.
Read more about caching you WebSite here.

Blogging Idol We are also taking part in the blogging Idol contest Arraigned by Daniel from DailyBlogTips

The winner of the contest is the one who manages to add as many Subscribers as possible to his RSS feed over one month.

So get your friends in and help us Win it!

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