When working with WPF I always found myself thinking how to handle Data formatting when a WPF control was bound to it. Let’s look at the following example of a window with a TextBlock that displays a DateTime:

   1: <Window x:Class="BindingFormat.Window1"

   2:     xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation"

   3:     xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml"

   4:     Title="Window1" Height="300" Width="300">

   5:     <Grid>

   6:         <TextBlock Text="{Binding}"></TextBlock>

   7:     </Grid>

   8: </Window>

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A while ago Shahar wrote an article about whether WPF Data Binding is Thread safe. Shahar’s findings were that Even if you change a property from a different thread the PropertyChanged event will be called on the UI Thread making Binding Thread Safe.

I have created a Window with 2 TextBlocks, one of them is binded to a Dependency Property and the other is binded to a regular property:

The Window:

   1: <StackPanel>
   2:     <TextBlock Text="{Binding DpTxt}" Width="100" Margin="5"></TextBlock>
   3:     <TextBlock Text="{Binding Txt}" Width="100" Margin="5"></TextBlock>
   4:     <Button Content="Change Text" Margin="5" Click="Button_Click"></Button>
   5: </StackPanel>

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