Hey all


One year has passed!!! And we are still here!!! We started back there in January 13th with 6 visits and went on to have over 1000 visits daily, From 0 RSS readers to around 900 From 0 posts to close to 200, from 0 comments to over 1800.


Indeed it was a great year, and we are looking forward to the next one!


Thanks to everyone who read, commented, and participated.


Here are the stats for 2008:

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Today I am going Alvin Ashcrafts and Chris Alcocks way and publish a lists of blog posts I liked. I don’t tend to do this a lot and actually, this is only the second time. So, here is the list of posts which I liked reading and wanted to share with you:

  1. Do NOT Explicitly Use Threads for Parallel Programming – Daniel Moth advise us to never explicitly use threads for parallelism, but to partition our work into many small chunks in another way.
  2. An easy and efficient way to improve .NET code performances – Patrick Smacchia present an efficient optimization on something we all use massively: loops on collections.

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increase page views This one is for all you bloggers or all you who intend to open a blog. If you have read Dev102 you probably saw that a couple of months back a lot of theme tweaks, moving stuff from here to there. I promised back then that I will tell you why we did that, so here goes.

We wanted to increase our number of page views. Back then we had about 1.20 page views per visit and we wanted to try and make that number grow. The changes to our theme were all test to see what will make people (you) stay and continue reading more posts and articles. We tried a lot of things but they were mainly two ways we tried to increase our page views, so here they come with their results.

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We never published a lists of blog posts we liked, so this will be the first time. I gathered some links from my Google Reader shared items, some of those links are old, some are new, but I liked them all. So here is the list of 7 post/articles I recommend:

  1. Phil Haack is talking about the fact that The Design Is Never Right The First Time. I think that it is OK that the design won’t be right the first time, but it should be good at the first time. Explanation: the fact that Phil could change the implementation over night tells me that his initial design was very good. It is not that simple to change the design and the implementation so close to the deadline… I know some projects where you can’t replace some code just like that, it will take too much time to do it…
  2. Scott Hanselman tells that there is a post at the Microsoft StyleCop blog that shows some rules about directives outside and inside the namespace declaration. In his post Back to Basics – Do namespace using directives affect Assembly Loading?, he discovers that we shouldn’t believe everything we read, even on a Microsoft Blog.
  3. Jeff Atwood wrote about Dealing With Bad Apples in a team and that if you tolerate even one developer whom the other developers think is a problem, you’ll hurt the morale of the good developers. I totally agree, those situations lead to a very negative attitude in the team and after some time, it is too late because the “cancer” has spread to the whole team.

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Hi all Another month is over and here are the stats again. First i would like to Welcome Shahar and Shahar who have joined forces here with me at Dev102. We will all be running Dev102 together to provide more and better content to all of you. And now to the stats (last month stats […]

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