By Amit

February 24, 2012

Why should you advertise here? was established in December 2007. is updated Several times a week with new content, and has shown exceptional progress over the past months since it’s creation, in terms of: page views, visits and RSS subscribers.

This is your opportunity to have your ad featured in, a blog on the rise. Stats

  • Google Page Rank 3.

  • About 1000 visitors every day.

  • About 1200 page views every day.

  • Over 1000 RSS subscribers.


Demographic Stats


Currently we offer several advertising options . If you would like to advertise on, please contact us at or use our Contact Form. All ads are served with our Ad Server so you can track your ad performance at any time.

125X125 Above The Fold – 4/4 Spots Available


  • Traditional 125X125 Buttons.

  • Located on the top right and visible throughout the web site.

  • HTML, Flash and rich media all supported.

  • Sold for 20$ per month

Custom size Under The Post Headline – 1 Spot Available


  • Traditional banners with Custom Size

  • Located under the post header and visible on all posts.

  • HTML, Flash and rich media all supported.

  • Sold for 50$ per month

* Longer periods of time are available for a discount price.

If you wish to secure your spot for one of the sold out spots, please contact us through the Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as the spot is free again.

If any of the programs above do not meet your needs, please contact us using the Contact Form or send an Email to discuss your unique needs.