By Amit

March 15, 2008

Dev102 was launched in December 2007. Within Dev102 you will find a broad collection of software tips and web and technology reviews.

We are 3 software engineers, together we will share everything we find interesting and helpful in .Net. All of us have daily jobs, but we promise to work 24/7 in order to provide you with our best content.

Amit Raz: Software engineer working for a new startup company as the softweare section leader. Specializing in .Net technologies such as Win-Forms, WPF and Asp.Net. Mainly practicing in GUI design and implementation of Web/Desktop applications. View Amit Raz's profile on LinkedIn

Shahar Yair: Software engineer. Was a member in an electro-optical visualization team and has been doing computer graphics applications. Currently, working for an IT division in a big organization, specializing in .Net technologies and writing a variety of complicated infrastructure libraries.

Shahar Abramovich: Software engineer. Shahar held a position in a leading semiconductors and microprocessors company. Currently, working in one of the biggest healthcare companies and specializing in .Net environment.

You can contact us through the Contact page, enjoy reading.