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a while back we had 2 great posts and one page about visual studio shortcuts. The first one had a list of 10 Visual Studio Shortcuts and the second one had 11 Visual Studio Shortcuts. We also have a Visual Studio CheatSheet with all the Keyboard shortcuts Visual Studio has.


Here is another list of 5 Shortcuts I have picked up along the way.


  1. CTRL + SHIFT + 8/7: In case you haven’t knew there is a “Go to Definitions Stack” and every time you click F12 it stores where you went inside that stack. Hitting CTRL +  SHIFT + 8 goes “Back” in the stack and CTRL +  SHIFT + 7 goes forward.
  2. F8: I hope all of you are using the CTRL + “-“ to go back to the location you were (after hitting F12 for example). F8 is the opposite to that action it will take you forward. It is the same as CTRL + SHIFT + “-“.
  3. SHIFT + F12: Having the marker on top of anything and clicking SHIFT + F12 will search the entire solution for that object and open up the find symbol window:
    SHIFT   F12
  4. CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow: This is my favorite. You all know the  CTRL + TAB feature of Visual studio:
    CTRL   TAB
    We have all used it to switch between open files, the problem is that there is no order in the files, although sometime it looks alphabetical it isn’t Clicking CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow is like clicking the little arrow on the upper right corner of the text editor so the result is this:
     CTRL   ALT   Down Arrow
    And the best this is that it is ordered the same as the tabs on top of the text editor.
  5. CTRL + K + X: This is also a useful one, Hitting CTRL + K + X will open up the insert snippet window and allow you to select the snippets you want to use:
    CTRL   K   X 

That’s all for now, on my next post I will show some CodeRush Express Shortcuts.



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4 Responses to “Another List of 5 Great and Useful Visual Studio Shortcuts”

  1. John

    Said on April 23, 2009 :

    Unfortunately on my laptop Ctrl+Alt+Dwn turns the screen upside down!

  2. Mark

    Said on April 23, 2009 :

    Ctrl+. must be THE top shortcut one must find out with VS. However, there is so much that can be customized in VS for shortcuts AND menus. Exploring the keyboard options (open it via Tools->Customize->Keyboard) is higly recommended. Sometimes the most difficult part is to find out the name of the command. Like the Window.Autohide command. It pins or unpins the selected tool window. I really disliked mousing to hit that small push-pin button all the time, so I have it mapped under Ctrl+`, and am happy. So, if you are a keyboard-oriented shortcut person, I would like to say: you do not depend only on what VS offers; you have the power to mold the tool to your own, personal, perfect fit.

    (Oh, on the same point: I remapped F1 to close the current document :-), never use that help so much anyway. )

  3. Ben

    Said on August 13, 2013 :

    Your page is breaking in Chrome when the window width is less than 1k px. No content is showing up until the window is widened.

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