Today I am going Alvin Ashcrafts and Chris Alcocks way and publish a lists of blog posts I liked. I don’t tend to do this a lot and actually, this is only the second time. So, here is the list of posts which I liked reading and wanted to share with you:

  1. Do NOT Explicitly Use Threads for Parallel Programming – Daniel Moth advise us to never explicitly use threads for parallelism, but to partition our work into many small chunks in another way.
  2. An easy and efficient way to improve .NET code performances – Patrick Smacchia present an efficient optimization on something we all use massively: loops on collections.
  3. Introduction to Code Contracts - Melitta Andersen provide a bit more detail about the Code Contracts feature that can be found in the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP.
  4. Generating Temporary Files – Richard Carr talks about two standard methods (provided by the .NET Framework) that assist in selecting a temporary file name.
  5. Back to Basics: Delegates, Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions – Karl Seguin helps to clarify delegates, anonymous methods and lambdas, both in terms of their crazy syntax as well as how you can use them within your own code.
  6. Visual Studio Tip: Line Break in String Properties - Shay Friedman explains how to line break resource strings in Visual Studio resource files.

Enjoy your reading…

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