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August is over and so is my great vacation. The number of posts should pick up in the following weeks. Other than that, no exciting news to deliver.


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And now for the stats!


  • Visits – 39,594 (40,720)
  • Page Views – 62,356 (65,875 )
  • Pages/Visit – 1.57 (1.62)
  • Subscribers (according to FeedBurner) – 650(594)
  • Average Time on Site –  1:20 min (1:43 min)


  • Alexa Rank – 137,976 (133,814)
  • Technorati Rank – 37,178 (40,093 )
  • Technorati Authority – 143 (141)

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2 Responses to “Dev102 – August 2008 Blog Stats”

  1. Jones

    Said on September 21, 2008 :

    Stats didn’t go up or down this month.
    Good luck in September!

  2. Amit

    Said on September 21, 2008 :

    Saddly no

    Since I was on vacation it was predicted. We also had some great success with Social Networking, but our Search Engine results and RSS subscribers are growing steadily so we are happy :)

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