This is a guest post by Sam Agarwal from the Bitrix Team.

The first impression you might get when you open the Bitrix Site Manager’s Photo Album is that it resembles any other photo sharing application. However, as soon as you start working with it, the enormous differences become more than apparent.


One of the first things you will notice is the excellent speed of the application. That’s because all the processing of the images – thumbnailing, resizing, labeling, etc are all performed locally. Even a simple Dual Core Processor based laptop can get your images uploaded in a jiffy ! All the popular formats are supported – like JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.

Another interesting feature is the bulk upload. It’s extremely irritating to upload pictures one by one onto any picture gallery. And it’s even more irritating if I have clicked the snaps with a high resolution camera and each picture is about 5 MB in size. Bitrix’s Photo Album module automatically compresses, resizes, uploads and thumbnails your pictures – all with a single click. I can even upload folders directly. Of course, there is always a web interface too. However, if the image is uploaded through the web interface, our servers will do the rendering of the image. The application supports multiple users simultaneously uploading and downloading images from the gallery.

Over time as your pictures begin to balloon out of control, Bitrix’s intelligent engine can help you create intuitive web albums. And you can create pre defined lists of people you want to give access to. So your personal pictures could be reserved for close friends, while your company’s holiday pics can be share with everyone. Of course large number of pics means I will need to frequently search for specific ones. The module has an inbuilt search engine and a tag cloud. So I can tag my images while uploading and map them to folders and albums based on specific tags

Often when my friends and colleagues invite me to view their pictures, I want to have images that I can directly transfer to my phone. But because they have uploaded heavy images – I need to wait for these images to download. Bitrix’s Photo Album allows me to set pre defined download limits for each picture. So my visitors don’t have to wait for images to download over a slow connection.

Users can vote for pics. So I can run interesting games and competitions on my site and also allow individuals to pick out winners.

Highlights of the Module:

- Lightning fast application, even over the web; due to local image rendering

- Support for all popular image formats like .Gif, .JPEG, .PNG, etc

- Bulk Uploading and Multi User

- Direct web interface

- Intelligent Album creator with tag cloud

- Super efficient search engine with tag based indexing

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  1. Johnathan

    Said on August 14, 2008 :

    You ARE aware that this is so called “guest post” is just an ad, eh?

  2. Damian

    Said on August 15, 2008 :

    Yeah, more like guest spam!

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