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Here are some great tools that will help you diagnose problems and errors on your applications. Don’t leave home without them!


SQL Profiler

SQL Profiler 

We all know that most problems start in the DataBase. SQL profiler will help you to locate excessive unnecessary DataBase access and long inefficient Queries. The tool itself comes with the installation of SQL server. Here is the MSDN article about how to use SQL Profiler



Fiddler HTTP Debugger

This baby is the best! Definitely one of my favorites. Fiddler is an Http Debugger where you can track and analyze all the Get and Post requests in many aspects such as Content, Timing and many more. Here is an MSDN article about how to use Fiddler. Download Fiddler here.

I Highly recommend using it. It can be a life saver sometime.



WCAT Load Testing

How will you know if your WebSite can handle the load?

WCAT to the rescue. WCAT will quickly allow you to simulate a fake massive load on you WebSite and provide you with statistics regarding the performance of your web application.

Check out this great WCAT tutorial by Alik Levines which explains how to use it and where to get it from

Do you have any other great tools? If so Let us know!


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