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July is over and it is time for the stats.

Exciting news! We got accepted to DMOZ! which is great. It seems that bugging them all those months finally paid out :)


Blogging Idol Content

As expected the numbers are lower than last month’s (no more 20k visits a day…) but still show progress. On the other hand Our efforts In the blogging Idol have taken us to  almost 600 RSS subscribers! So thanks to everyone who subscribed!


Writing Payout Increased

As promised, We have raised our offer for article writing, we will now pay 30$ for a well written, 500+ words article. Find out more on our Make money with Dev102 page.


Dev102 Link Directory

We have also Proud to announce the opening of the Dev102 Link Directory. If you have a blog or a WebSite and you want to swap links with us feel free to add you link there. If you can find a category that fits your WebSite contact us. We will not instantly approve all blogs, but if your blog is updated frequently and is not spam you will definitely get in.

and now lets check out the stats:


  • Visits – 40,720 (65,950)  -38% (We saw that coming…)

  • Page Views – 65,875 (93,873)  -30% (And this :))

  • Pages/Visit – 1.62 (1.42)  +14%

  • Subscribers (according to Feedurner) – 594(415)  +43%

  • Average Time on Site -  1:43 min (1:05 min) +57%


  • Alexa Rank – 133,814 (157,332) 

  • Technorati Rank – 40,093 (48,166) 

  • Technorati Authority – 141 (120)

Top 5 Posts

Next month we will take a vacation, we have pre written some content so you won’t get bored :)

That’s all


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