Today, in many applications there is a need to know and use HTML. And if you are a Web applications programmer you probably should know HTML :).

The question is do you know all the HTML tags? Do you know exactly how they work and what each tag does? And the most important of all, how each tag acts in each browser?

There are hundreds of books, articles, WebSites, posts, blogs and manuals that claim to "teach" you HTML. I on the other hand think that there is no experience like hands on experience so I wanted to introduce you to HTML Playground . This is one of my favorites sites for HTML.

 Learn HTML with HTML Playground

On the left side you get a list of all the HTML tags there are, once you select one of the tags you get the following:

  • A short description of the tag
  • Below you will have a small code example.
  • once you click on an element in the code example you will be able to edit its attributes on the left side.
  • on the most right side you will see what is the visual output of the html sample and you can interact with it to see how it works.
  • You can also write any HTML you want and see what happens.

A very handy tool for professionals and beginners both.

Check it out HTML Playground.


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2 Responses to “Know Every HTML Tag There Is”

  1. ChiQ Montes

    Said on July 18, 2008 :

    as a blogger there is indeed a need to know basic html .. it’ll definitely improve your blog and ur performance

  2. Peter

    Said on July 21, 2008 :

    Ironically, that site has got 85 HTML errors on the homepage! :D

    Looks like a pretty handy app though, thanks!

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