Another month has come to an end and an interesting month it was!

The high light of the month was getting one of our articles on the front page of stumbleupon which drove almost 30000 visitors to dev102!!! That article was not a programming article but in fact a humorous one about company logos. That definitely gave a boost to our  Page Views and Visits Stats but damaged the Page Views/Visits, Bounce Rate and Time on page. During that time dev102 crashed several times so we decided to install the WP-SuperCache plugin which removes allot of load from the server.
Read more about caching you WebSite here.

Blogging Idol We are also taking part in the blogging Idol contest Arraigned by Daniel from  DailyBlogTips 

The winner of the contest is the one who manages to add as many Subscribers as possible to his RSS feed over one month.

So get your friends in and help us Win it!


Before we go on to the stats we would like to give all our readers an offer. Come help us develop We want your views, Your Ideas and your articles. And of course, you will get paid for it here is how it works:

  • Anyone can write articles. Anyone can submit a post at any time, we will review it, if we like it we will publish it and you will get paid 15 – 20$.
  • You will be credited for you work. On the top of each article you submit we will put your name and a link to your site (should you have one)
  • All articles might be slightly edited by me. don’t be offended if we suggest changes, fix grammar, add links and stuff like that. However, no major changes will be made without your approval. It’s still your post.
  • Articles must be unique. It cannot have been published elsewhere previously, and once the payment has been made, ownership of the article passes to The article cannot be re-published elsewhere.
  • Payment are made per post. We will pay 15-20$ per accepted post, these payments will grow over time. All payments are made by PayPal

And now to the stats:


  • Visits – 65950(38,584 )  +71%

  • Page Views – 93873(62,223 )  +51%

  • Pages/Visit – 1.42 (1.61)  -12%

  • Subscribers (according to Feedurner) – 415(303)  +36%

  • Average Time on Site –  1:05 min (1:49 min)  -40%

* As you can see some statistics have taken a hit, but when we deducted the effect of the “Statistics ruining” article we still advanced in all the figures so we are happy :)


  • Alexa Rank – 157,332(351,088 ) – +123%

  • Technorati Rank – 48,166(63,916 ) – +32%

  • Technorati Authority – 120 (96) – +25%

Top 5 Posts

That’s all.

See you next Month

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4 Responses to “Dev102 – June 2008 Blog Stats”

  1. David Shaw

    Said on July 4, 2008 :

    Some nice stats!

    Well done!

  2. stratosg

    Said on July 4, 2008 :

    “27,83 views (WOW!!!)” there must be a 0 missing… very very very cool stats guys. keep up the good work!

  3. Amit

    Said on July 4, 2008 :

    Indeed a 0 was missing :)
    Thanks for the heads up

  4. Tom -

    Said on July 4, 2008 :

    That is one very nice stumble rush! I only got 1,000 visitors :D But then again your post was so funny.

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