Here are two interesting tools I found while working on our Silveredo 2 theme.

Install Multiple Internet Explorer Versions

This one is quite helpful and a must if you are working and building themes. Usually you want your theme to be compatible with FF2/3 and IE7 which we all know has its issues…

I bet there are many people who want their site to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6 too, having IE6 and IE7 working together on your windows is a problem, as it turns out, you CAN have all the Internet Explorer versions working along side each other, all you have to do is to download the multiple IE version installer and install any version you need.

Multiple version of Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

I have always used FireFox’s Firebug to “Debug” my websites while I was working on them. But when something did not workout so good in Internet Explorer I was quite clueless until I found the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar This tool is basically the FireFox Firebug for Internet Explorer. Now you can know what is going on in your web page even on Internet Explorer.

Do you have any other tools that make your life easier? Please tell us.

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7 Responses to “Two Great Web Development Tools”

  1. website design

    Said on June 10, 2008 :

    I love you… I’m so psyched! I’ve never heard of multiple IE installer. Unfortunately, we still have to code for IE6, right now we have a dedicated IE6 + Windows XP machine with a 15 inch screen to simulate our base user… :(

  2. hellosmithy

    Said on June 10, 2008 :

    this is an alternative to the multi ie installer


  3. Keith

    Said on June 10, 2008 :

    The IE switcher sounds pretty good but I just use VMWare and create totally separate systems. Sometimes you have to test different OS’s, IE’s and addons. VM’s really make this easier.

  4. hellosmithy

    Said on June 10, 2008 :

    yeah i use virtual pc for heavy testing.

  5. Nuno

    Said on June 10, 2008 :

    Virtual machines are much better. Microsoft have images ready to use with Virtual PC (

    I’ve found some differences using a “real” IE vs IETester/Multiple IE.

  6. OJ

    Said on June 10, 2008 :

    I’ve used the IE dev toolbar a few times on a few different machines, both at work and at home, with different versions of IE, and I’ve found that regardless of the settings, it makes the browser run slowly. I mean REALLY slowly. In my experience I’ve suffered more of a productivity decrease due to the time it takes for things to happen with this toolbar installed. If you are able to use it, I’d recommend using Firefox with the Web Developer ToolBar and Firebug.

    Have you guys had similar issues?

  7. KS

    Said on February 9, 2009 :

    Gripes about the IE dev toolbar:

    #1) Maybe it’s just something with my setup, but shift+r pops up the ruler. This means if I’m typing in a form or chatroom and want a capital R, I’m going to have to stop and close the damned ruler. Very annoying and I can’t find any way to shut the damn thing off.

    #2) Piss poor code examination options. I’m spoiled by Firebug…pick a section of code, click it, it’s highlighted in the code display with any CSS affecting it to the side. With IE dev toolbar, I get the DOM and attributes of the tags, which is less than useful (especially given IE’s retarded implementation of DOM, but that’s another gripe). WIth IE, I can get the raw code…in Notepad. Utterly worthless.

    #3) It slows browser performance, as OJ said.

    In short, Firebug > IE Dev Toolbar

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