In this post I do not intend to make a list of the best programmers web sites, but to share with you some you might not know:

CodeFetch – Search for source code in programming books. Their mission is to connect programmers with authors and is uses and support open source. If we are talking about code search I am sure you are familiar with Koders – top search engine for code.

FreeTechBooks – Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes.

QuickRef – interactive programming documentation, allows you to keep many docs and remember them.

bytemycode – find, share, revise, comment on, and rate code snippets.

You can use WhatIsThatFile to identify unknown file types, and ZAMZAR to convert file types online.

you get signal is a set of network tools, very nice designed and easy to use. ip tools is another site provides wide range of network tools.

CPUShare – you can join and earn money by selling your CPU resources.

Tired of registering to new sites? Check out BugMeNot to find and share logins to web sites that force you to register, or Fake Name Generator to generate random identity.

gruptThink – Find people who think like you and discuss with them on different topics.

That’s all for now. Got more cool sites? you are welcome to post a comment.

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10 Responses to “Cool links for programmers”

  1. stratosg

    Said on June 6, 2008 :

    nice list. the cpu share thing was something revealing :)

  2. Adam

    Said on June 6, 2008 :


    This is a great website for anyone looking to find information on programming. Great list.

  3. Peteris Krumins

    Said on June 8, 2008 :

    Also see my collection of free programming/computer science video lectures:

    Free Science Online


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