Today we are taking a comic break from code and from programming. I received some pictures of unsuccessful logos, you will be the judges…

Computer Doctors

K Logo

Kids Exchange

Pediatric Center

Dental Clinica

It is pretty obvious that someone has skipped on the thinking process… What do you say?

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51 Responses to “When a Company Logo Doesn’t Come Out So Good”

  1. stratos

    Said on June 3, 2008 :

    yah it seems like someone did not take any time to think at all! the computer one is soooo obvious! lol nice post

  2. Tweegster

    Said on June 4, 2008 :

    Can you imagine being the guy that has to print these things lol. That would have made my day, however I would have to be sent home for laughing so hard that I passed out

  3. leigh

    Said on June 4, 2008 :

    I don’t get the first one….

  4. Elaine

    Said on June 4, 2008 :

    Leigh: It looks like the tip of a guy’s you know what.. :P

  5. David | beplayful

    Said on June 4, 2008 :

    These are hilarious, thanks for sharing!

  6. Brian

    Said on June 4, 2008 :

    they used a Mouse for the “U”. However, it looks like a penis, dangling, and squirting.

  7. Chris

    Said on June 4, 2008 :

    I can’t possibly understand why they added the dots on the ‘K’ unless they wanted it to have that effect.

  8. ...

    Said on June 5, 2008 :

    I don’t get them…

  9. Bob Bob Bob Bobby

    Said on June 5, 2008 :

    I didn’t understand the APC one. Does APC stand for something sexual?

  10. kingcurls

    Said on June 5, 2008 :

    jeeezz how can you not get these i cant believe i have to do this but here it is

    1. looks like the tip of a wang
    2. looks like a person sitting back onto someones wang
    3. kid sexchange…speaks for itself
    4. APC looks like someone recieving oral sex
    5. and the last one…well if you dont get it your under 7 years of age

  11. gdjksdgj

    Said on June 5, 2008 :

    Bob: It looks like the kid is giving the adult a blowjob

  12. Linda

    Said on June 5, 2008 :

    Love the slogan under the first one too… that is one way i would not want my computer to work… haha

  13. Matt

    Said on June 5, 2008 :

    I lol’d. Then I looked at the comments and saw that some people didn’t understand them and lol’d more.

  14. paul

    Said on June 5, 2008 :

    the fact some people dont even get them makes this page so much funnier. strange how THICK some people can be!

  15. renee

    Said on June 5, 2008 :

    haha nice!

  16. Doria

    Said on July 12, 2008 :

    Lol. they’re really nice logos, but I won’t use them. haha!

  17. rob

    Said on July 17, 2008 :

    I nearly died

  18. Commercial photo

    Said on July 21, 2008 :

    Ummm, dirty….

  19. Online Advertising

    Said on July 23, 2008 :

    Moral of the story never use stick figures in your logo design lol.

  20. Mitchillio

    Said on August 17, 2008 :

    I saw another one on a different site where they have an A and 2 dots making a very bad logo. These were pretty good, :D

  21. snoutie

    Said on August 26, 2008 :

    Haha funny list :) Mitchillio, I saw that one in Rome on the side of a bus which caused a double take and a frantic camera search. The company is called ‘A-Style’ which is also quite unfortunate!

  22. Jeff P

    Said on August 28, 2008 :

    I love it!

  23. soundstorm

    Said on September 12, 2008 :

    maybe teenagers think thats funny…??

  24. 911fun

    Said on October 22, 2008 :

    This is so funny.

    I wouldnt bring my kids to the KID SEX CHANGE LOLOLOLOL

  25. joy

    Said on October 27, 2008 :

    i live right up the street from the arlington pediatric center, and this sign has always amused me.

  26. Nick

    Said on October 27, 2008 :

    Joy Steinwedell???

  27. peepeetoucher

    Said on October 28, 2008 :

    If you don’t get these then you must be a real fuck-tard…

  28. sinbad

    Said on October 29, 2008 :

    funny ^))

  29. googleplex

    Said on October 30, 2008 :

    you guys are all stupid. the first one is a “u” in the shape of a mouse but it looks like a penis ejaculating. the second looks like the 2 people are having sex, the 3rd says “kids exchange” but looks like kid sex change. the fourth looks like the taller guys getting a blow job, and the last one looks like sex

  30. nnnsaaaaan

    Said on October 30, 2008 :

    i can just imagine the designer bringin in his design to the company, all “here ya go! wat’d ya think?” and the company people are like, “wa, those are great!” lolz, epically failed.

  31. Walkori the Uberctopus

    Said on November 2, 2008 :

    and to think that they havent changed them yet means that either they dont get it and are retards, or they like it that way. either way, the kidsexchange one is sooo old. . theres some more…

  32. Ainegue

    Said on November 2, 2008 :

    Rule #1: Do not allow blind people design logos.

  33. edith

    Said on November 4, 2008 :

    This is just disgusting.
    Disgusting that so many feeble minded idiots find this filth funny and disgusting that an overpaid idiot came up with this sort of nasty signage.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Won’t anyone think of the children?

  34. Patient Zer0

    Said on November 4, 2008 :

    It seems that edith hasn’t been laid in years and has something stuck in her ass real deep…

  35. LOL

    Said on November 4, 2008 :

    edith, gth u ass… this site is funny… ur too much of a dick head to admit that its funny…

  36. Fawkes

    Said on November 5, 2008 :


    The way I see it, this website is good for the kids, especially the ones over 11 or 12 that will find these funny. See we laugh at these here, and inspire people to not be stupid. Then companies think about things, so they don’t make an ass of themselves and expose the kids to dirty images.


  37. Michelle

    Said on November 6, 2008 :

    This was very entertaining..the post are just as funny as the pics.
    Edith..get over it. Dont be so uptight you need to laugh when shit is funny.

  38. Taylor

    Said on November 6, 2008 :

    It took me way to long to read the Kids Exchange thing the right way.

  39. Gerald Weber

    Said on November 11, 2008 :

    Ha ha those are fricking hilarious if I must say so! ;-)

  40. becca

    Said on November 11, 2008 :

    the apc one look at the ppl

  41. Stefan

    Said on November 14, 2008 :

    Hmm…how did the graphic designers not see this!?

  42. gabe

    Said on November 19, 2008 :

    well I guess its a good marketing piece, as long as its not too obvious

  43. paco

    Said on November 20, 2008 :

    really nice

  44. Colin

    Said on November 23, 2008 :

    I use to live near the Arlington Ped Center and was always amazed that their pedophile happy sign never caused them problems. Some people are just too dense.

  45. Susan Mark

    Said on July 17, 2010 :


  46. ???

    Said on February 25, 2012 :

    thanx man very good baby

  47. ??? ?????

    Said on February 25, 2012 :

    Sweet. Thanks for the link – and for the list. Nice eclectic choice, and there are a few on there that I’ll go take a look at. Word-of-mouth recommendation is the best kind.
    good baby i love you

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