charts May is gone and now is the time to check out the stats. I am so happy to see that we have managed to make all parameters grow substantially, although i must say it is getting harder and harder.

We have tweaked our theme several times this month due too some test we were running, the conclusion of those test will be published in the following week.

Just before the stats we would like to announce that from now on we will be accepting guest posts.

If you want your post featured on Dev102 all you have to do is this:

  1. Write a really good post :).
  2. Your post should be at least 500 words and be without grammar errors.
  3. We don’t mind about the subject as long as it is related, images are ok.
  4. Send it to us by email to If you need to have code in it then add the code files with the email and add them as plain text to the article we will make sure it looks ok before publishing. Also mark where you want the images to be located.
  5. We will review all articles and publish all the articles we see fit.

Get your post published on dev102!!!. 

At the top of the article you will be credited + receive a link to your blog at the top. We don’t mind if you link to other articles in your blog from within your article, as long as it is not to much, meaning, don’t put 100 link in the article :) 3-4 will be fine.

And now, without further due, here are the stats (again, last months numbers are in brackets):


  • Visits – 38,584 (28,962 )  – +33.22%

  • Page Views – 62,223 (38,981)  – +59.62%

  • Pages/Visit – 1.61 (1.35)  – +19.82%

  • Subscribers (according to Feedurner) – 303(105)  – +188%

  • Average Time on Site –  1:49 min (1:19 min)  – +36.88%


  • Alexa Rank – 351,088 (1,007,674 ) – +187%

  • Technorati Rank – 63,916 (178,151 ) – +178%

  • Technorati Authority – 96 (53) – +81%

Top 5 Posts


Better than last month but still nothing to write home about :)

We will provide more info in the future.

Other Stuff

This month we signed a direct advertising deal with Bitrix who published the Bitrix Site Manager Virtual Lab.

Dev102 has been upgraded  to WP 2.5 with absolutely no problems, so thank you WordPress :).

Thanks again to all of you who read, commented and participated.

Have a good Week,

The Dev102 Team.

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2 Responses to “Blog Stats – May 2008”

  1. Jones

    Said on June 3, 2008 :

    Great post and amazing achievement by all standards!

    Kudos on your stats, especially on the substantial increase on the number of subscribers (Which I’m on of them).

    Is it ok to submit as a guest article a job interview question?

  2. Shahar Y

    Said on June 3, 2008 :

    Hi Jones,

    Thanks for your support.
    I sent you a mail regarding the guest article.
    Have a nice day.

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