In my last post about 5 Firefox plugin’s any web developer needs I got hammered for not posting FireBug. I admit that FireBug is Amazing and I use it often, but anyone knows FireBug, so posting about it is a bit pointless. My aim was to shed some light on some less known plugins, and therefore today’s post will not include FireBug again :)

lets start then:

  1. Greasemonkey: Gives you the option to change how WebSites look by implying scripts upon them. There are tons of scripts that you can use for a wide variety of sites. This plugin got very good reviews. Check it out here. FireFox Plugins
  2. ColorZilla: Saw a color you liked, get that color’s reading from any point within your browser and past it into another program. You can also save colors to a color palette. ColorZilla allows zooming and measuring distance between two points.
    Get it Here
    FireFox Addons
  3. Poster: This one will make interacting with Web Services and Web Resources that accept HttpRequests. You can set the Body and Content Type and view the results receiver by the Web Service. Check it out here.
    FireFox Extentions
  4. JavaScript Debugger: A very Powerful JavaScript Debugging Environment. Very useful for all you JavaScript magicians. Get it here.FireFox JavaScript Addon
  5. X-Ray: Check out all the HTML Tags on the page without using the view source option. Very Handy indeed! No more going back and forth from the WebPage to the source code. Download it here.
    FireFox Plugins HTML Tags

Well I hope It will help some of you. I will bee on the lookout for more interesting Plugins.


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12 Responses to “5 More Firefox Plugins Any Web Developer Needs”

  1. andhapp

    Said on May 29, 2008 :

    Not compatible with Firefox 3 RC1 yet…

  2. Randy Johnson

    Said on May 29, 2008 :

    Pretty neat. I hope that all of them are updated for FF3, Especially Poster and XRay. They look neat.

  3. Nabi

    Said on May 31, 2008 :

    The link of “ColorZilla” is incorrect.

    And the best of two extensions for developers is here:




  4. Amit

    Said on May 31, 2008 :

    Thanks Nabi

    The link is fixed

  5. Nabi

    Said on June 1, 2008 :

    now link of image is incorect :-D

  6. Amit

    Said on June 1, 2008 :

    Hi Nabi,

    Can I hire you as our QA guy? Just kidding :)

    Thanks alot, I hope everything is now fixed :)


  7. Nabi

    Said on June 1, 2008 :

    ummm, yes now is ok ;)
    plz let me take a look here to any other bug :-D [for fun]

    ow, why in the your trackback is “?? ??” chars!
    ?? ?? ??
    it’s persian charecters. ;-)

    sorry for pry :-D

  8. Spartacus

    Said on January 27, 2009 :

    Here’s a great list of SEO and web developer plugins.

  9. Jishnu

    Said on March 19, 2010 :

    Where is firebug?

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