imageXHTML sitemap validation tool allows you to XHTML validate your entire sitemap in one click, unlike the W3C markup validation service that lets you validate one page at a time. This tool is also needed because XHTML validation is very important in the manner of SEO.
After releasing it a few days ago, Rob White from wrote us that he had problems validating his site. Checking that issue, we found out that the default namespace on Robs sitemap is different than what we expected. During this bug fix, some other issues came up and we decided to release version 1.1 of our tool. The update includes:
  • Sitemap.xml default namespace bug fix.
  • Error Handling – Better feedback to the user and cancellation of the validation process.
  • Remove white spaces from the sitemap file name (otherwise, the validation will fail).

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8 Responses to “XHTML Sitemap Validation Tool 1.1 Version Released”

  1. Rob White

    Said on May 24, 2008 :

    Thanks for the fix, it nows works like a chram.

  2. Rahul

    Said on October 1, 2008 :

    Where can I download this application?

  3. Amit

    Said on October 1, 2008 :

    it is in the freebies page, If you subscribe to our feed you will get the password at the bottom

  4. Ryan Williams

    Said on December 11, 2008 :


    Great application. I can’t believe there’s so little in the way of this type of thing out there to be honest, as validating an entire site is clearly very important.

    Would it be possible for a future version to not require you have the sitemap online to do its stuff? I tried to use a local path in the URL bar (eg: C:\Desktop\Sitemap.xml) and it simply rejected it, asking for a proper URL instead.

  5. Shahar Y

    Said on December 12, 2008 :

    @ Ryan Williams

    Will be done. The new version will be released soon, so stay tuned :)

  6. Ryan Williams

    Said on May 11, 2009 :


    Any plans to update this application? I still find it invaluable, as there literally seems to be nothing else of note out there and it would be great if some minor usability issues like having to upload the sitemaps could be addressed.

  7. Shahar Y

    Said on May 12, 2009 :

    @ Ryan Williams

    I can’t figure out what pages to validate if I don’t have the site map. What alternative did you have in mind?

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