imageWe all know the Property Grid control, which provides a user interface for browsing the properties of an object. What about having a WPF Property Grid? Well, yesterday I  noticed that there is work in progress on an open source WPF property grid. Tomer Shamam announced in his blog Essential WPF that he accepted Microsoft Israel OPEN UP challenge (open source contest) and created a new project – WPF property grid. As he stated, it is currently only a Proof of concept and the interface and its usage may change in next releases. I think that its worth tracking…


This control has several interesting features such as:

  • dynamic property display
  • built-in and custom value converters
  • editors and designers.
  • property grouping, sorting and filtering
  • two-way property binding
  • property meta data such as description and display name
  • themes and skins
  • localization support and type mapping based on attributes and/or XML.

Check it out here.

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  1. Tomer Shamam

    Said on May 23, 2008 :

    You are more than welcome to promote this project by open and join the discussions of this project.

    I will be happy to known what you are thinking.

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