XHTML Validation Tool During the past couple of weeks we noticed that whenever we tweak our theme or change something in one of our posts, it causes some pages to become XHTML invalid. We came to think that you never know where it is going to hit you, so we sat down and created a small application which helps you keep all your pages XHTML valid. We checked it on our sitemap, and seems we have some HTML work to do :).

This application is written in WPF and is based on the .Net Framework 3.5.

It will allow you to validate you entire sitemap in one click. The validation is done through the W3C validation SOAP service, so you can trust it :).

Here is how it works:

  1. Type in your web site sitemap path and click Validate

    XHTML Validator

  2. Once the validator starts working you will see on the right side the number of pages in the sitemap, and the number of valid and invalid pages.

    XHTML validator progres status

  3. On the left side you will see a list of invalid URLs.

    XHTML validator Error Report
  4. Click on the arrow in the left side and you will get all the errors in that page

    XHTML validator Show Errors

  5. Hover above an error to see some additional information about the error.

    XHTML validator Show Errors Hover

This is just the first version of the application so there might be bugs. Please comment if you find any bugs or if you have any questions about the application .

Feel free to tell about any feature you think is missing.



Download .NET Framework 3.5

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13 Responses to “Validate Your Entire Web Site With This Free Open Source WPF XHTML Validation Tool”

  1. Greg Brave

    Said on May 20, 2008 :

    How about such and application for Mac Users ?

  2. Amit

    Said on May 20, 2008 :

    Sadly we are no Mac developers :).

    If you know anyone who is willing to do it we will be happy to publish and host it for him, and give him all the credit of course.

  3. Rob White

    Said on May 20, 2008 :

    I tried this, but when I put http://www.jacquelinewhite.co.uk/sitemap.xml into the url box and pressed validate nothing happened. No progress, no error, nothing.

    I’m running on windows vista if that makes any difference.

  4. Shahar Y

    Said on May 20, 2008 :

    Rob White,

    Will check it out.I will notify you about the findings and about any software updates.
    Thanks for your input :)

  5. Zack

    Said on May 20, 2008 :

    Why the is the title all CAPS? Reminds me of a spam/shady website.

  6. Stu

    Said on July 24, 2008 :

    A facility that produces a text file with the URLs for the pages that dont validate would be good. Or the existing graphical output to be able to be copy n pasted.

    Great application though.

  7. Justin

    Said on January 20, 2009 :

    Well I tried subscribing to your feed about 5 times using different readers and have been unable to download the tool, which is frustrating because it looks incredibly useful! Anyway doubtless I will enjoy reading further feeds!

  8. Shahar Y

    Said on January 20, 2009 :

    @ Justin

    You can find it in our Freebies page: http://www.dev102.com/freebies/

  9. Mayur

    Said on September 17, 2010 :

    I have subscribed to your blog… where is download link?

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