April is gone and we are definitely on the go!

During April we have hit the 50 posts mile stone and the traffic has increased substantially. We would like to thank all our readers and hope for a better month in May, without further due, here are the stats (again, last months numbers are in brackets):

Traffic:cool_graf copy copy

  • Visits – 28,961 (7680)  – +277%

  • Page Views – 38979 (9850)  – +295%

  • Pages/Visit – 1.35 (1.28)  – +5.46%

  • Subscribers (according to Feedurner) – 105 (73)  – +44%

  • Average Time on Site –  1:19 min (45 sec)  – +75%


  • Alexa Rank – 1,007,674 (2,059,672) – + 104%

  • Technorati Rank – 178,151 (273,240) – +53%

  • Technorati Authority – 53 (30) – +76%

Top 5 Posts


Slowly making their way up… We will provide more info in the future.

Other Stuff

In the last few weeks we have been renovating our theme. The new Silveredo 2 theme will allow us to sell direct advertising, so if you are interested, please check out our Advertise Page. We would love to get your thoughts about the new theme. We are also starting a new weekly column of job interview questions, so stay tuned. Our next focus will be: upgrading to WordPress 2.5.

we would like your opinion regarding the content you would like to see in the top section of the page, recent posts, Top Posts, or whatever you see fit. Please tell what you prefer.

Thanks again to all of you who read, commented and participated.

Have a good Weekend,

The Dev102 Team.

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3 Responses to “Blog Stats for April 2008”

  1. Jordan

    Said on May 2, 2008 :

    You guys have some amazing stats!
    The new theme is also great.
    Good luck in May

  2. Sameer Alibhai

    Said on May 13, 2008 :

    very cool.. What blog engine are you using? I am using Subtext for http://www.sharpdeveloper.net

  3. Shahar Y

    Said on May 13, 2008 :

    Hi Sameer,

    thanks, we are using WordPress 2.5.1

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