There are many graphic editor programs in the market. Whether those products are commercial or free, their users are required to gain high skills in a specific tool, in order to achieve satisfying results. There are several sites in the web which makes it possible to create logos, button images and icons for free and with very little effort. I will focus on 2 web sites I like most.


Cool Text is a free graphics generator for web pages, one can create an impressive logo or button without a lot of design work.  In order to create a logo, one should choose a logo style, font, image size, color, file format and some other attributes. The logo will be created on the fly. This logo was born in 1 minute:


Creation of buttons is very simple too, simply choose a button design out of 4 available options. Again, one should fill a form with some attributes such as:font, text size, text color, text shadow, shape (rounded, rectangle, ellipse, …) and mouse over effect. The result is 1 or 2 button images with mouse over HTML code (if mouse over effect is set to none – only 1 image will be generated). This is a sample button image:


In addition, CoolText has over 1,200 fonts available for download.

Icons Generator:

This is an online tool for favicon (favorites icon) creation. A favicon is a small, 16×16 image that is shown inside the browser’s location bar and bookmark menu when a site is called up. As a matter of fact, a favicon is an icon, one can use it as a favicon and the other as a desktop application icon. The desired icon is generated according to a given image (Supported file formats: gif, jpg, png, and bmp with a maximum file size of 150.00 kB) which is uploaded from your disk. The whole process takes no more that 1 minute…

To sum thing up, using those sites we can get fast, free and beautiful results. If someone needs more than that, those desktop graphic editors such as Photoshop are always there…

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