This one is for all you guys who are just starting to use LINQ and have no idea how to make those queries work.

I have tried it and i am glad to say that it is very friendly and usable especially if you have no experience with Linq

Linqpad is a very user friendly LINQ editor which will make you life with LINQ very easy

it will allow you to:

  • Simplify
  • Create
  • TestLINQ queries, and best of all it is completely free!

Linq Query Editor

Linqpad supports the following:

  • LINQ to SQL
  • LINQ to XML
  • LINQ to Object

Get LinqPad here


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5 Responses to “Very Good Linq Editor”

  1. Denny Ferrassoli

    Said on March 10, 2008 :

    I’d love to see a SQL to LINQ tool ;)

  2. avantika

    Said on March 12, 2008 :

    i would like to how does LINO to SQL tool works?

  3. Admin

    Said on March 12, 2008 :

    It just helps you create your queries by using a visual interface and then translates them to code for you to use in your application

  4. Derik Whittaker

    Said on July 25, 2008 :

    We have some rocking screencasts about how to use linqpad over at


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