Hi All.

This is the first time that I publish my blog stats, which I bet will rock your world :). This is just the start, hopefully thing will pick up. let the show begin…

So here are Dev102  blog stats for Feb 2008


  • Visits – 681
  • Unique Visits – 133
  • Page views – 855
  • Average Page views – 1.26
  • Average Time on site – 1:08 minutes
  • New visits – 81.79%

Traffic source:

Dev102 Blog Stats 

Top 5 Posts:

  1. How to Use Hierarchical Datatemplate in WPF – 266 times
  2. How to Solve Error cs0103- The Name Initializecomponent Does Not Exist in The Current Context – 220 times
  3. How to Implement a Generic State Machine – 60 times
  4. How to Suppress/Disable Script Errors in WebBrowser Control – 58 times
  5. How to Use Microsoft Expression Blend to Modify a Control – 48 times


Not worth talking about yet… :)

Things to improve next month:

  • Write more posts, I am currently studying to the GMAT exam but when I am done with it I will definitely pick up the pace.
  • Try and improve my AdSense Page CTR.
  • Try and improve my unique visitors count.

Thanks to everyone who read anything I had to write


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7 Responses to “My Blog Stats – February 2008”

  1. Ben

    Said on March 13, 2008 :

    I love to see how a blog grow up!
    Keep them coming monthly :)

  2. Admin

    Said on March 14, 2008 :

    Thanks Man

    Just trying to keep up the good work!



  3. BlogMan

    Said on March 17, 2008 :

    I wrote another comment about putting images next to Google ads getting you banned. Also note that if you publish your AdSense results, you will get banned immediately. You have a terrific blog started here, and I’d hate to see you get banned. Please read your Google Terms of Service!

    Best regards and keep up the great work!

  4. Carlo

    Said on March 26, 2008 :

    thanks for the post. i hope to read some more.
    Best regards from Sebbi

  5. Admin

    Said on March 27, 2008 :

    Thanks Man!

    Tune up cause in a few days theres another one comming for March results.


  6. Geshan

    Said on April 9, 2008 :

    Good you publicized your blog’s visitor stats but I think it lacks content add more you’ll get more visitors and some SEO will do the job better for you. Good Luck.

  7. Amit

    Said on April 9, 2008 :

    @ Geshan

    Thanks for the comment, What do you mean more content? What would you like to see?


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